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Strengthen your decision-making with CurisData

A Healthcare Demand Data Set for Alteryx Users

your internal patient


Get a bigger, more complete picture

of the market

Grow your practice areas with confidence.

Build, expand, and plan with confidence

And making the wrong call can lead to barely-filled waiting rooms or worse....shutting down or dissolving a practice.

Build or expand with confidence with CurisData


Statistically modeled, curated data with 97% U.S coverage


Opportunities mapped to the sub-zip code level


Real-World insight on market demand, trends, and competition

Healthcare demand data you can depend on

At CurisData, we understand how frustrating it is for healthcare real estate developers to find accurate data that can easily be incorporated into their site selection process.  That's why we specialize in sourcing, processing, and modeling complex healthcare datasets into simple, straight-forward, and useful information.  With CurisData in hand, our customers can confidently build thriving medical facilities that help strengthen the communities they serve.

  • 18-years of experience in site selection

  • Healthcare and retail experience

  • Alteryx-certified engineers

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