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Healthcare demand at 217,000 individual block groups 
Understand your market, demand, competition, and opportunity.
Analyze the current and forecasted year growth and plan accordingly.
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Healthcare Utilization Snapshot
  • Estimates utilization of healthcare services to the DRG/MDC Code and specialty

  • Identifies existing physicians

  • Identifies existing facilities

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Healthcare Facilities
  • Details healthcare facilities study area

  • Includes location and attributes of:

    • Hospitals

    • Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    • Urgent Care

    • Dialysis Centers

  • Profile using specific variables

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Site Analog Comparison
  • Set up variables include: DRGs/MDCs, Demographics & Psychographics, SDoH, PayerPhysician specialty demand.

  • Compare & score potential or competitive sites vs existing 



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Customized CurisData & Apps
  •  Enterprise licenses available for CurisData

  • The CurisData team can enginneer data appends that are specific to your needs.

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Physician Specialty and Affiliation
  • Count of physicians in study area(s)

  • By physician specialty

  • Includes hospital & group affiliation

  • Includes Nurse Practitioners and  Physician assistants

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Healthcare Service Line
  • Total office visits by specialty

  • Total per person visit per specialty

  • Thematic outputs of trade area

Outputs are thematic maps, tables, charts, and raw data
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Custom Predictive Analytics Projects
  • Need analysis and data behind your most pressing business  needs? 

  • Define trade areas with mobility  data - origins and destinations?

  •  Service line optimization, site selection, M&A, Marketing strategies, Community Health and Market Planning

No data or software to download. Cloud-based analytic apps.

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Visualization & Reporting
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